Top Eleven Utilities Free is an UNOFFICIAL support application for users of the game "Top Eleven". Below we provide a brief description of each of the features and options available.


At the main screen you can do two things:

- Configure your team data using the settings icon.

 - Select one of the 3 existing utilities in the application.



In this screen yo can configure your team data and the notifications for your matches.

- Team Name: The name of your team.
- Recovery Time: The time in which your team recover physical condition. The application automatically calculates the 3-hour cycles throughout the season.
- Enable / disable: Enable match notifications.
- Set notifications beforehand: Time in minutes before the match to be notified.
- Select notification type: The type of notification you want.
- Vibrate: Enable vibration notifications.


This utility is to calculate skill points needed to achieve next quality level of your players.

- Defense: The defense average of the player.
- Attack: The attack average of the player.
- Phisical: The phisical average of the player.

When you click on the calculate button the app shows the current quality level of the player and the needed points to achieve the next quality level.


This utility is to calculate recovery percent of your players before the next match.

- Current time: The app shows the current system time.
- Next recovery time: The time it takes to recover your players condition. The app shows the time automatically if you set the "Recovery time" option in the settings.
- Match start time: The hour of your next match. The app shows the hour of your next match automatically if you have matches in the fixtures utility.

When you click on the calculate button the app shows the percentage of condition your players recover before the next match.


This utility is to add matches to your calendar and if you set the notifications in the settings, you receive notifications before the matches.

If you want to add a new match, click in the add icon:

A new configuration screen appears:

- Select the type of the competition: League, Cup or Champions.
- Select the day of the match.
- Select the hour of the match.

Whe you click on the save button, the match appears in your calendar.

If you want to delete a match in the calendar, hold on the match and click in the delete button.